Rindi Swan, Wedding Photographer Pretoria, South Africa

Frequently asked questions

I know you have a lot more questions that needs answers.
Please send me an email with any questions you may have: info@rindiswan.com


1. We would like to meet up before booking you, can we meet up? 

Totally! I actually recommend meeting before booking.

Seeing as that no two weddings are alike, and I really want to connect with you on a deeper level. I am also going to be with you the whole day on your wedding, and for this reason it is important that you not only like my work, but me as well.

I currently live in Centurion and love meeting people over for coffee (I prefer tea), just message me and set up a time. After work, before work, lunch breaks or any other time when I am not shooting is fine. Weekends are normally busy, but I can try squeeze something in if I am not on location.

2. What style of Wedding Photographer are you? 

My style is light, bright, romantic and full of joy.

In other words I understand light, and know how to manipulate it (Natural and artificial). Whenever it’s possible, you and I will follow the light. I love to edit my wedding photography bright, it is a happy day after all, no need for dark unattractive photos and editing.

When your veil goes over your head I still get goosebumps! But my biggest moment of joy is: to witness the different types of way the groom looks at his bride, those intimate glances which promise the world. That is what I love to capture.

3. Are my photos going to look like the ones on your Website? 

Yes... and no.

I remain consistent in my shooting style and editing style, so they should look similar in style to the rest of our work. However, every wedding is unique.

Each story is different and I take my inspiration from your day.

Shooting at the optimal time of day, and in a decent location helps with getting the most out of your photos.

Please speak to me if you're unsure.

4. How do you make sure you don’t lose our photos? 

From the time I snap a picture to the time we hand it over to you, I am a little paranoid about not losing any of them.

I do all I can to minimize this risk, but would be lying to you if we said there was no risk of this happening. As far as the industry norms go, I do way more than the average photographer and are continually looking to improve this process.

5. How do travel and accommodation work?

Each package has a certain amount of travel included.

 I charge a defined AA rate for travel to and from the location.

Destinations over 1.5 hours outside of Centurion may require 1 night's accommodation (For me and my assistant – my husband). This is not to try score a free holiday out of your wedding, but rather to ensure that we arrive on time and rested, as well as that we keep ourselves and your memories save while traveling back.

6. Do you offer discounts?

 What’s your reason? Buy 3 weddings, get the 4th one free? mmm... maybe not.
Our prices are all well prices and unfortuantely we cant go lower

There's no exact rule for this, so pitch us your scenario and we can tell you the numbers. If you think that you deserve a discount for any other reason, you're welcome to ask.... we won't be offended. As long as you dont feel offended if we say no.

7. Are dates provisionally held?

Unfortunately no. A R5000 non-refundable booking fee and a signed contract are required to confirm your booking. A payment plan can be
worked out for the rest of the monies, as long as it is paid a week prior to your wedding. I see a number of clients sharing the same date so first payment of booking fee secures your date.

8. What methods of payment do you accept? 

EFT works best. I don't accept cash, and chequess are like... soooo old school (Do they even make those anymore?).

9. Can I get a refund if I cancel my wedding?

Nope, booking fees are non-refundable. 

10. Can I request specific photo's from your blog or from other inspiration? 

Yes! However, please keep in mind that your day is different, the light, the people, and the moments. Getting two brides girls under your dress
on the dancing floor while they are either sleeping or on a sugar rush is not going to be easy. I can't promise I'll get photos that are exactly the same but it will give me a sense of the style that you enjoy.

11. We live on the other side of the world, or work really strange hours. Meeting up is not an option, what should we do?

I am always open to Skype if meeting in person is too tricky. In addition, we can plan a meeting for far in advance, closer to your wedding day to go over the details.

12. I can't decide on a package! Help?

You're welcome to book on a base package now and add on the rest later. All job prices will remain the same as your current quote with the
exception of physical products (like books) which may need to be re-quoted.

13. Do you need to see the ceremony / reception venue before the day? 

If I've shot there before, I normally do not need to see it again. I do come earlier on the wedding day to allocate the perfect spots.

14. What do you need from us before the wedding date? 

if parents are divorced please let me know, or if you have a tight relationship with your aunt share this good info with me.I have a recipy to add all the good people to your story.

15. Do I need to feed you?

Please! Food keeps me and my assistant happy and healthy. It also keeps our energy high for the creative juices to flow. If you feed us, we
won't drool over your guest's food.

16. Do you need to be on my bar tab?

mmm... My heart says yes but my head says no. We're not there to drink away your money, and really don't mind paying for our own refreshments.
But if you insist, we'll take you up on it!

17. Do you really need a place to sit at the reception? 

Yes, we really really do! Nothing fancy. Even the room next door works out fine for me. The closer I am to the action, the more chance I have of capturing the action!

I don't want to laze about, but sometimes I need a place to put down my spare lenses and regroup.

18. Do you work overtime? 

My packages starts from 8  hours going up to 10 depending on what package you choose

If you ask me to, I’ll work overtime and bill you after the wedding for the extra hours. I’ll never work extra billable hours without checking with you or your partner, or the MC first. I know that schedules are not always stuck to 100%, but I'll always liaise with you or the MC on the wedding day to make sure that as much of the requested photos are taken before my time is up. After that, if you still want me to shoot for longer, I can stay extra hours at agreed overtime rates.

19. When will we receive our photos? 

Up to 8 weeks (excluding delivery time). It could be less, but it won't be more.

20. How will you give me the photos?

Digitally rocks. I could rather use online tools like Pass or Shootproof if you'd prefer.

All photos that make up the final selection will be provided in high resolution Jpeg for you to print or share with family.

21. Can I have the RAW images? 

By default, No. Contact me if you think you have a reason that will change my mind. Additional fees will apply.

22. I heard you can do anything with photoshop. Can you remove my **insert any piece of unwanted bodily tissue here**?

Nope. I am a photographer, not re-toucher. I shoot in a natural style without over-editing. That's why you chose me! I do sometimes remove minor things like pimples or blackheads but don't manipulate the photo to make you not look like you. If that's what you're after, we'll put you in touch with a re-toucher. But bring your credit card, they're apricey bunch!

23. Do you edit all of the pictures?

Yes! All the photos making my final cut are edited. I work hard on making every picture look as great as possible.

24. Are you finished with the photos yet? 

If I didn't contact you, I am probably not quite finished yet. Feel free to drop a message to see how it's going though.

25. Your photos are really high quality. Could you please give me lower quality photos for facebook? 

Sure! Drop me a mail and I'll help you out.

26. Can I share my photos with other people or make prints?

Yes, please do.

27. How long do you keep the photos for?

I keep the photos for as long as I can afford to keep them. Please don't count on me for backups, rather copy them onto at least one of your
computers or duplicate the flash drive.
Rindi Swan, Wedding Photographer Pretoria, South Africa