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Sheldon & Nolene

Sheldon & Nolene

Monday, December 03, 2018


Dewald Swanevelder


  1. Magical Magoebaskloof Wedding day of Jean and Wanita at Cheerio Gardens
    03 Jan, 2019
    Magical Magoebaskloof Wedding day of Jean and Wanita at Cheerio Gardens
    “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate then when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
  2. Samantha and her mother walking towards the aisle
    06 Dec, 2018
    The Story of Jurie + Samantha at 23onriverside - Centurion wedding photography
    Samantha & Jurie and their 23onRiverside wedding was one that I’ll remember for years to come… They really love photographs being taken of them. My cheeks hurt so much from smiling. Their energy is infectious and Samantha's laugh particularly contagious. Samantha & Jurie’s day was very much a reflection of the couple – relaxed and super fun! They planned the most excellent celebration, focusing on amazing food and drinks and a whole lot of dancing! You know how great it feels to be around
  3. Vorster + Leandrie
    05 Dec, 2018
    Vorster + Leandrie
    There is something special about a wedding at a river. But to add to a wedding with flair is an artistic well spoken couple with an zest for life and an eye for beauty. This was a privately owned nested away jewel of a venue and unfortunately sold just after this wedding. It started raining and this was an outside planned wedding. The weather made for an awesome wedding, even when it was raining cats an dogs.  The live band was incredible and had everybody on their toes. Landri's and Voster's
  4. Romantic and Elegant Wedding at 23onRiverside
    05 Dec, 2018
    Romantic and Elegant Wedding at 23onRiverside
    I was so excited to be back doing three weddings there in one month made us really feel like 23 on Riversides preferred wedding photographers/videographers! Lizelle & Jan-Harm had a  romantic riverside rainy day wedding. Really, there was something refreshing about this day. Maybe it or just the couples enthusiasm, but it felt unique and special, and I’m starting to think it was probably because of Lizelle and Jan-Harms awesome vibe. These two were so full of life all day. It felt like they
  5. Carl + Aloise
    04 Dec, 2018
    Carl + Aloise
    Old time charm with lace,blossoms and petals was in the order of the day. Feminine and knowing exactly what she wants will describe Aloise well. She looked like a dream. The family showered Carl and Aloise with blessings and favor. The cake made of cheese and pretty fruit was beautifully aranged to be eye candy to the beholder. A lavender farm and gorgeous huge trees made a picture perfect wedding. Charl was well spoken and portrait a personality of power and respect. I loved the lights
  6. Kobus + Talita
    04 Dec, 2018
    Kobus + Talita
    “Our real love story is about Talita’s courage to follow her gut… Kobus’s courage to take another chance and go all in… and above all… God’s grace to save us both, by bringing us each other.” If that gives you any indication of how beautiful this Parys wedding day was, believe me… that’s just the beginning!
  7. Grant + Alche
    03 Dec, 2018
    Grant + Alche
    Last week I had the honor to shoot one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen at Diep in die Berg. Alche and Grant were absolutely beautiful and awesome from start to finish. Having had the opportunity of shooting a wedding of her older sister I told Alche on her sisters wedding, someday I'm going to shoot your wedding. Wow the attention to detail that Alche brings to the table and the way she dance is breathtaking. Gunman style will never be the same. Every speech was so heartfelt
  8. Leeu + Esme
    02 Dec, 2018
    Leeu + Esme
    Black and white, a man and a woman with angelic voices. Imagine a first dance but were they actually sang to each other. It will be an understatement to say I totally fell in love with this whole family. Everyone of them have hearts as pure as gold and pure talent. My favourite clients have moved to Cape Town and it is actually on my bucket list to do more Cape Town weddings. The big dream is to shoot in Hawaii. Esme is so in love with Leeu whenever she just speaks of him you can see true love.
  9. Miles + Mercia
    22 Jul, 2015
    Miles + Mercia
    This beautiful wedding day at AHA River Lodge, is going to blow you away! Miles and Mercia had a DREAM day. Everything was so romantic, sweet, and thoughtful, including all of the incredible details (and food!) set out for their guests to enjoy. Dewald and I pulled up to AHA River lodge and our jaws dropped! What a beautiful place! The manor sits on a hillside overlooking the water, with a pretty bridge gliding over its sparkling surface. The stone architecture of the manor took us back in
Rindi Swan, Wedding Photographer Pretoria, South Africa